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Why volunteer with Timesavers?

We want to work with volunteers who are as passionate about supporting people with a learning disability as we are. It’s not only a chance to do something great, it’s also an opportunity to develop new skills and experience, as well as make new friends.

Timesavers-John Haggart

John Haggart


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Dot Snead


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Claire Townley


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Iris Hayde

Support Worker

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Margaret Haggart


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Bev Moore


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Elizabeth Protheroe


Help People Now

What will I do as a Timesavers volunteer?

There are many different roles you can do as a volunteer with Timesavers, such as:

  • volunteer directly with people with a learning disability one-to-one or in a group
  • support us to raise awareness of learning disability through events or campaigning
  • offer your skills – these could be admin, computers (IT) or anything else!

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